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3KL Reactors

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Years of Experience

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Portfolio of 60+ APIs

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

Strong R&D capabilities

Our Therapeutic Categories


Equipped with state of the art Glass Lined Reactors (GLRs) with dedicated scrubbers thereby ensuring a contamination free clean environment.

Dedicated Research & Development Centre led by highly experienced researchers for various contract development and in house R&D.

Reaction capability between -55° C to +250° C .

Fully upgraded analytical division with High Profile Liquid Chromatography Units (HPLCs), Gas Chromatography Unit with Head Space, Spectrophotometers which are routinely calibrated to ensure high level of specificity and sensitivity of validated analytical procedures.

  • 5 Narcotic/controlled API Inhouse Licenses
  • 2 Exclusive Anti-Leishmania molecules
  • 7 Targeted Therapy molecules
  • 10 Exclusive word Patent Products for India & South East Asia Market


Core Chemical Reaction

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